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  • First Name: Afzaal
  • Last Name: Ahmad
  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Languages: English


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My Skills

JavaScript / TypeScript
React / Next
Node / Express / Nest
Cloud / AWS / GCP
Agile / Git / Kanban
Architecture / Microservices
NoSQL Databases
Docker / Compose
GraphQL / REST
Unit / Integration Testing

Experience & Education

  • 11/2020 - Present
    Senior Software Engineer

    • Introduced Google PubSub in microservices to insert data into Mongo which resulted in zero information loss as compared to sockets.
    • Increased scalability of monitoring by using newrelic alerts with pagerduty for automated incident reporting.
    • Increased monitoring by integrating slack into microservices for the customer team to debug.
    • Worked on a microservice using puppeteer to record and transcribe meetings< with Google GKE.
    • Increased monitoring by using heap to enable the customer support team to analyze growth based on real time analytics.
    • Implemented a landing site using NextJS and React, which leads to a 20% increase in leads generation.
    • Upgraded the dashboard app from React v15 to v17, reducing loading time by 4x.
    • Reduced steps in error life cycle, by integrating sentry in monitoring infrastructure.
    • Implemented payments using stripe for recurring monthly and yearly payments.

  • 02/2020 - 11/2020
    Software EngineerOfficeTour

    • Created a containerized microservice architecture with focus on scalability and reusability.
    • Implemented a CI/CD pipeline using Heroku to improve application version delivery.
    • Implemented a data insertion queue using Bull and Redis for recording user sessions through rrweb.
    • Created a custom hooks based microservice boilerplate using React with focus on reusability.
    • Implemented a multi-tenant architecture using subdomains to enhance customizations.
    • Implemented theming using styled-components to provide customized user interface.
    • Implemented web conference calls using daily co to enhance virtual tour experience.
    • Implemented customized editor using quill.js to write formatted descriptions.
    • Implemented payments using stripe for recurring monthly and yearly payments.
    • Tuned a webpack configuration using customize-cra to reduce loading time by 5x.
    • Implemented image delivery through CDN, reducing image size and load time of pages by 3x.

  • 06/2019 - 02/2020
    Software Engineer Remotebase

    • Developed a rest API based microservices using MongoDB and NestJS from scratch.
    • Integrated Github, Slack, & Trello API using OAUTH for an in-house product.
    • Increased monitoring by integrating sentry in monitoring infrastructure.
    • Setup CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins to improve the process of application development.
    • Created mail delivery service using Amazon SES which reduced mail delivery time to 1 minute.
    • Created reusable components using React with focus on reusability and SRP.
    • Integrated Rest API using axios with cancellation tokens to reduce network load of repetitive calls.
    • Implemented custom hooks using closures to reuse stateful behavior between different components.

  • 09/2015 - 06/2019
    Software Engineering NUST, Pakistan

    Major courses:

    • Calculus I & II
    • Fundamentals of Computer Programming
    • Discrete Mathematics
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Applied Physics
    • Database Systems
    • Data Structures & Algorithms
    • Probability & Statistics
    • Design & Analysis of Algorithm
    • Computer Networks
    • Operating Systems
    • Software Design & Architecture
    • Numerical Methods